Aerial Photography and Filming using Drone, Manned Helicopter

Drone - an innovative system for spectacular aerial imagery, before impossible or very high production cost.


The capture of aerial images using photography and filming technique with DRONE can be made indoor or outdoor.
There is no limit of movement to capture aerial footage with DRONE, it has 360° movement.
What sets this limit is the pilot and image director’s creativity and experience, and we have these skills.
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• Do you want accessible aerial photography and aerial footage? 
  Get your aerial photography and filming with who understands about image production at all. We are a video production company;

• You are the vendor or client - See your business from a different angle. The sky is the limit!

  We can fly drones and manoeuvre in environments where access to a manned helicopter is just impossible.


Aerial filming - Drone


The flexibility in flight is awesome! It's like in a real aircraft. However, with the security of being on the ground, seeing everything from above. Full control and the expected result.

High definition image


Our concern to always achieve the best result is translated into the quality of the equipment used in the system. In this way, we serve the most demanding segments of the audiovisual market.

Manned or Drone?


If your site is located in an area of difficult access, or if the requirement is for a manned helicopter, we have the best suppliers and professionals in the UK.


• Real Estate; 
• Tourism; 
• Technical Inspection and data collection;
• Events in General; 
• Film, TV and advertising.


Other applications using DRONES: patrol roads, forests, search and rescue, broadcast networks, WIP (Work In Progress Reports).


• Image in FULL HD video (1920 x 1080 at 30 p or 60i fps fps); 
• 3-axis image stabilization; 
• 140° wide angle Lens f/2.8; 
• Manual control of all camera parameters (trigger, WB, ISO, exposure, etc...) 
• continuous capture: 15 minutes; 
• Flight Autonomy: 15 minutes; 
• Battery replacement: 1 minute; 
• Maximum flight speed: 26 mph; 
• Maximum height: 393 feet safely; 
• Telemetry on screen information (altitude, speed, radar; flight autonomy) 
• Maximum distance from the pilot: horizontal Radius 984 feet, reaching incredible 1,640 feet in automated mode.


• Quick execution; 
• Flexibility in capturing images, mainly in places of difficult access; 
• Cost saving to have what you need;

• Images with the result that meets your needs and expectations. 

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