Corporate and Business Video Production

 A corporate video communicates to your prospects and staff. 


corporate video contains operating and functional content, to reveal that the road to success is that the employee should have a general and specialised knowledge about the business.

Hence, there is a greater understanding of the developed activities and creates a favourable environment for the homogenization of the business language.

Employees become more participatory, committed, entrepreneurs and more integrated when they have the perception of its importance in the group.

The production and exhibition of an integration video and other corporate videos, provide this benefit.

There are several ways to achieve what you wish. We can relate to a footage of a testimonial, an event, a lecture, a summit and everything else that communicates the company’s message.


In fact, watching a corporate video provides the individual a  90% retaining rate of the core message, during the first few hours of interaction. Yet, 70% a few days later. This is the result of audio and image together.