LMS - Learning Management System - eLearning Production for online classes

LMS - eLearning is an excellent tool applied for an effective distance learning, for both academics and business community.

In the academic world, eLearning contributes to the democratisation of knowledge transfer to other persons and increases the exposure of professional education, investing in research and development.

In the business sector LMS - eLearning provides professional training, to improve the company's competitiveness through the dissemination of procedures, techniques, experiences and facts, applied to the generation of value to customer and cost reduction, by continuous improvement or innovation.

We seek to produce LMS - eLearning videos (Learning Management System) as a tool for staff in the education area, which provides significant improvements in the training of most educational levels.

The consciousness of education without borders has become more significant every day, lined the need of people to achieve knowledge more and more. By the way, this alignment is considered the great goal.


As a video producer, we work for the educational achievements, producing LMS - eLearning videos as a way to participate and contribute to the construction of an efficient learning.

This way, we don’t have thresholds to carry out the requested service, but we have resources to facilitate production.