QHSE - Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. Escape Route

A QHSE and an Escape Route video use image and audio to communicate best practices to a person in the enterprise environment, related to quality, health, safety and environment. 

The video will become more attractive, stimulating and with greater power of fixing each presented themes.

As a video producer, we do this through the development of a QHSE video script.

Security includes the use of PPEs, people circulation, signs, machinery and equipment, care of chemicals, cargo transportation, fire occurrence, accidents occurrence, waste and environment.

We seek to produce a video as a tool for the staff that operates in the QHSE area, and it has provided significant improvements
in the production and execution of several tasks in companies. 

The alignment of other departments with the QHSE has become more aware every day. In fact, this alignment is the main purpose of QHSE.
Ensure the result of today, without compromising the outcome of future generations.