Why your business needs a video?

Video and Social Media

We use our senses for information. Vision is the main one, followed by hearing.


Retain the information we receive depends on the way it is communicated.


So a few hours later we retain :

• 60 % when we only hear (audio);

• 75% when we only see (image, picture);

• 90% when we see and hear ( full video - image and sound).


 The variation continues after a few days.

• 10% when we only hear (audio);

• 30% when we only see (image, picture);

• 60% using the set sight and hearing ( full video - image and sound).


Our five senses contribute differently to the formation of our knowledge.


• When we eat - Taste 1%

• As we touch - Touch 2%

• Smelling - Smell 3%

• Hearing a sound - Hearing 11%

• View or watching something - Vision 83%


Seeing and hearing will produce a greater return on investment than simply reading alone.


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